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Prof.Dongning Zhang (Chief Scientist)
The 21st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
Current Situation and Typical Application of High-performance Permanent-magnet AC Motors
Abstract: The permanent-magnet AC motor, because of its advantages of small volume, light weight and high efficiency, has seen wide application in different industries. The characteristics of permanent-magnet AC motors and the motor’s drive control technology are introduced. The requirements with regard to the motor’s efficiency, weight, structure and heat dissipation performance in some typical application scenarios, such as industrial robots, electric vehicles and aircraft, are analyzed, and corresponding suggestions are proposed.

Prof.Guohua Cui (Vice Dean of the School)
Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China

Title: Research on Technology of Intelligent Collaborative Operations and Health Assessment of Robots
Abstract: By analyzing practice in the fields of intelligent automotive parts manufacturing and intelligent construction, this paper studies dual-robot collaboration and integrated intelligent mobile operation technology of robots. The health assessment and fault diagnosis technology of industrial robots is studied by extracting the robot’s performance parameters, characteristics and conducting intelligent diagnosis. Through comprehensive analysis of the robot’s multi-source parameters including vibration, noise, temperature and operation status, health assessment and fault diagnosis of industrial robots are realized. Research progress in dual-arm robots for automotive parts processing, integrated mobile operating robots for drilling tasks in construction projects, and robot health assessment and fault diagnosis test systems are also introduced.

Prof.Weixin Yan
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Title: Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Robot System
Abstract: Stoke rehabilitation equipment has the following defects: lack of data reflecting the correlation between exercise evaluating parameters and the rehabilitation effect, patients being treated passively, and failure to realize coordination between the upper limbs and the lower limbs in rehabilitation. To make up for these defects, the changes in sensory perception and moving capacities are quantified in stroke rehabilitation, a customized intelligent rehabilitation solution is proposed, and an intelligent stroke rehabilitation robot system is developed. This system can realize customized multi-modal rehabilitation exercises, one-to-many nursing service, synchronization of the patient’s physiological status data. The wearable robotic devices in the system are convenient and time-efficient, and the exercises are customized and interactive.

Prof.Jiping Li
South China Agricultural University, China

Title: AI for fashion
Abstract: AI are now increasingly pervasive and powerful. However, fashion designers are lagging behind in leveraging this increasingly common technology. Though AI is not yet a standard part of fashion design practice, 4D Shoetech, an innovative startup, has already used AI in different shapes and sizes to make its products securer, faster and smarter. In this talk, several experiments from 4D Shoetech will be introduced to explore the creative use of AI in the field of footwear development.

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